Monday, October 15, 2012


Influester has revamped their page.  At first i was a bit overwhelmed I must admit, I heard there were a lot of changes coming but I wasn't expecting a whole new set up.  It took some getting us to. There is lots to do.  First change is that there is a new rating system.  Each area (Beauty, Mommy, ECT) has it's own rating system. Bad news more work, good news more chances to get in a program. It's pretty much the same thing, just broken down in sections.  I think they did this to give more people chances to be able to qualify for boxes.  It's still the same set up when it comes to getting a box invite. You still test the products out and tell your Friends about it, use social media to spread the word, and still do the brand challenges. Also you still have the surveys too.. You now have the options to post reviews on many more products which also can boost your score up. The goal is to get to "100"...I am working hard...currently I am "61" :-( guess I gotta get moving. But overall I love Influenster, still do...the program is a great opportunity to try new products for FREE and you get chances to win more FREE stuff, by doing what you regularly do when you like a product...SPREED THE WORD....So if your not already a member your nuts....go runnnn to your computer and sign up at and become a member. what do you have to lose it's all FREE! NOW GO!