Wednesday, December 19, 2012


HEAD & SHOULDERS NEW DAMAGE RESCUE is a Freebie I was able to score through INFLUENSTER.  If you haven't been following my last post, INFLUENSTER is a program that let's  you try out products for free and all they ask is for your opinion.  Also they have these cool badge challenges you can compete in to score more free stuff.  Anyhow, this time I was lucky to be selected to try out the new HEAD & SHOULDERS NEW DAMAGE RESCUE. As you can see above my husband uses the Men's HEAD & SHOULDERS, so I was excited to try this product since it's made for women and for damaged hair like mine.  I suffer from EXTREMELY FRIZZY HAIR!!!! UGH, but I must say that I did notice a difference after I use the HEAD & SHOULDERS NEW DAMAGE RESCUE. My hair was smoother, shinier and less frizzier. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family to try...It's cool to have a dandruff shampoo geared to woman. Woman have dandruff too but the stuff that's on the market is too strong and smells like medicine.  The HEAD & SHOULDERS NEW DAMAGE RESCUE smells great. So Go out and give it a try and let me know how you like it.For more information about INFLUENSTER go to For more information about the product go to They have a contest going on too, so check it out!