Saturday, March 17, 2012

‘“Kiss Nail Dress"

Hey everyone, this is my 3rd product review from the VoxBox I recieved from Influenster.  Another Item I got in my VoxBox was Kiss Nail Dress.  They are stickon nail polish with designs.  They have so many to choose from, and I was lucky to try a leopard design.  It was super easy.  You first peel the ones that fit you nail.  You then file off the excess and then your done.  It comes with a file too, so you'll have all you need.  Peel, stick, file, and go.  It's that easy and they look great.  Above is a picture of my nails...don't they look mucho cute! Thanks Influenster and Kiss for the Freebie! 

"Truvía® natural sweetener Product Review"

Hey guys here is my 2nd product review from my VoxBox from Influenster.  Truvia natural sweetener comes in indiviual packets.  This makes it easy to take where ever you go.  It's 0 Calories!!! Yeaaaa!!! I love this in my tea, coffee, and ice tea.  This is great since I crave sugar alot but I am on a diet.  It's a win-win, I get my sugar fix without all the calories. Woo-hoo!!!! Give it a shot, check them out at:  It's really sweet so you don't have to use alot of it so it last long.  I find that I use more sugar than I do Truvia, so it cuts down on my sugar intake. Like I said give it a shot...what do you have to lose, except a few pounds...who can argue with that.  Thanks again for the free full size sample!!     

“Venus & Olay Razor"

Being part of the Influenster’s VoxBox program is wonderful.  As per my earlier entry I let you guys know about how I was lucky to get picked to get a free VoxBox From  Inside I got a few items to try out.  This blogg is dedicated to Gillette Venus & Olay Razor.  This is a new product and I love it.  Sometimes I have to rush and go, but my legs shouldn't suffer social sucide.  This razor is great.  No soap or shaveing cream is needed.  Less mess is best!  shaveing cream can leave awful soap scum in my tub, but this product helps eliminate that.  I highly recommend this product for the girl on the go who wants clean smooth legs.  So what are you waiting for, don't be a hairy poodle...go out and get your own :-)Summer is almost here! Go to there website and check it out : Also for more information about being an Influenster go to :

Thursday, March 8, 2012


So Excited My Love VoxBox came in the mail from INFLUENSTER!!!! Inside I got a Fullsize Venus & Olay Razor by Gillette. I got a Ghirardelli Gourmet milk chocolate (YUMMY). I got Herbal Tea sampler from STASH. I will so use that on my stress  I got a Truvia box of individual packets of 0 calories sugar.  I also got KISS Nail Dress peel on and file nail paint in leapoard style.  I so can't wait to try on my free goodies...if you would liketo qualify for your own box, go to and become a free memeber.  I will go ahead and try my goodies out and let you know how they are. Thanks!!!!