Friday, January 20, 2012

My Bird is Dead!

Unfreaking unbelieveable...Ugh Why do I have to wake up to my stuff in front of my house broken, because someone can't watch there kids.  This morning I woke up to my ceramic baby bird figurine broken.  First I thought maybe a cat knocked it over, but the last time I checked, cats don't pick up broken stuff and put it in a basket.  I understand accidents happen, but why they heck was someone playing around in front of my door.  I live in a house not an apartment. Come On!  I just moved here, and this is not how I want to start things off.  I am so tired of seeing my street over crowed with kids and not one adult in sight.  You won't see my kids out there unsupervised.  Go read a book and learn something like not touching other people's stuff!  ugh! just needed to it me or are kids getting badder now-a-days? what's your take?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OMG I am in Love

I am currently on a diet which suck, and it seems like every commerical with fastfood is calling out to me...ugh what's a girl to do. I have given up candy, cookies, chips, and every other yummy fatting desert out there and I am starting to get the shakes (surgar withdrawal).  One day I was watching tv(one of my many reality shows I'm addicted to Ha!) and I saw a commerical for FiberOne Brownie Bar.  They sold me when they said only 90 calories...yikes!!! could it be...will I be able to taste the heavens again of a yummy chocolate delight.  So I ran (really I did) and I grabbed a box of these and did a mad dash to the register(I think I was sweating at this point).  I raced back home at a legal driving speed I hope and ran inside my house to gobble down the goods (don't worry I controled my self to just one (on a side note: I think people who buy diet food and eat the whole box in one sitting are might as well eat the real thing  Well to my delight this was wonderful...I think the heavens opened up and angels flew around me.  It was sooooo freaking good, I am so in love...I think I will survive this diet now as long as I keep finding items like this...go out and get a box of FIBERONE BROWINES....sooo worth it!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Arrrrrrrgggg to people who can't park a car....and I am not talking about parallel parking either. If you can't park between two lines, then you shouldn't have a licence, ride a bike.  Why should I have to try and squeeze into a parking space because someone is too lazy to pull out and ajust their car.  The funny part is that they get angry when your door touches their door.  Really?!! come on!  Usually I just park somewhere else, but when there is no other option and there is no other spaces available..I am left with no other choice but to waste 10 mins of my life to try and fix in a parking space that should have taken me a minute to park...I am so tempted to next time park behind them, block them in, and watch them from a distance get all mad when they get to their car and be like" Ha! you know what is feels like jerk" Anyone Else feels my pain????

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello out there in CyberWorld! I am Linda Lisa and I have created this blogg to do a number of things, 1. To recap events in my life that really suck (this usually happens alot) and hopefully from my shame, your life will be a little brighter knowing that, thank god I am not "THAT GIRL". 2. To let off steam and rant about the things in life that really "GRINDS MY GEARS" (ex: the large population of dummys that inhabit our lovely planet. 3. To Share Peace and Joy with the World (no not really) but tell you what I am going to do, I'll tell you when I find good deals (Cause I am Cheap(not cheap in that way...ugh get you head out of the gutter) broke is the key word (who isn't now-a-day))....Along this wonderfully sad Journey of my life on this blogg I hope you guys have fun or at least learn from my silly life mistakes.