Thursday, January 12, 2012

Arrrrrrrgggg to people who can't park a car....and I am not talking about parallel parking either. If you can't park between two lines, then you shouldn't have a licence, ride a bike.  Why should I have to try and squeeze into a parking space because someone is too lazy to pull out and ajust their car.  The funny part is that they get angry when your door touches their door.  Really?!! come on!  Usually I just park somewhere else, but when there is no other option and there is no other spaces available..I am left with no other choice but to waste 10 mins of my life to try and fix in a parking space that should have taken me a minute to park...I am so tempted to next time park behind them, block them in, and watch them from a distance get all mad when they get to their car and be like" Ha! you know what is feels like jerk" Anyone Else feels my pain????

1 comment:

  1. When that happens to me, and I can't get into a spot, I don't spend 10 minutes trying to get into the spot... I just leave and find another spot! Try that next time!