Friday, January 20, 2012

My Bird is Dead!

Unfreaking unbelieveable...Ugh Why do I have to wake up to my stuff in front of my house broken, because someone can't watch there kids.  This morning I woke up to my ceramic baby bird figurine broken.  First I thought maybe a cat knocked it over, but the last time I checked, cats don't pick up broken stuff and put it in a basket.  I understand accidents happen, but why they heck was someone playing around in front of my door.  I live in a house not an apartment. Come On!  I just moved here, and this is not how I want to start things off.  I am so tired of seeing my street over crowed with kids and not one adult in sight.  You won't see my kids out there unsupervised.  Go read a book and learn something like not touching other people's stuff!  ugh! just needed to it me or are kids getting badder now-a-days? what's your take?

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