Monday, September 3, 2012

NYC New York Color

Super Shiny and Glossy NYC was surprisingly a good product.  This brand is extremely low cost and gives a bang for your buck.  For under $5.00 you get a product that has pure pigments that creates a  3-D gloss effect.  It's something that I can totally rock, gym, or date night with the hubby ;-)This product proves that you can look great with having to spend lots of $$$.  I would recommend giving this a try.  This product can even be matched with certain lipstick to give it added shine and smoothness.  If you want to check out NYC makeup line go to:  I received this product from Influester for testing purposes .  Want to join the testing gang at Influenster go to

Always Radiant Infinity

Influentster came up with such a great Voxbox for the Latinas! It's always great when you get something that you already use in your VoxBox.  I got a box from the new Always collection Always Radiant Infinity.  New cute wrappers, so it won't be so noticeable especially to the male eye what your carrying to the Radiant Infinity pads feature a unique technology that conforms to each individual shape, delivering premium protection.  The price is right for the quality and it's such a trusted brand that you can find them almost every where.  As women we all know that no two pads or tampons brands protect the same.  This is one brand that deliverers. Their Tampons are just as great as the go out and test them out yourself. I received this product for testing purposes from Influenster.  What to Join? Go to . If you have questions about Always products, check them out yourself at . A Special thanks to Always and Influenster!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen

Swim Suit...check, Sun Hat....check, Sun Glasses...check, and Protection from harmful sun rays...Check, Check, and double Check! Can't go to the beach with some good Sun lotion.  I usually always Bring a bottel of Hawaiian Tropic Sunlotion.  I was excited to try a new product of theirs call Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration.  I got it in my Latina VoxBox from Influenster.  It's just not Summer with out Hawaiian Tropic Sunlotion. I am loveing their new Silk Hydration formula. It's Silky smooth going on and leaves my skin so soft. I love that it last 12 hours long and that's it is water resistant for at least 80 minutes. It's light and non-greasy. It gives the recommened protect from the sun of SPF 30. I love the smell of reminds me of summer and the beach. I can't imagine not packeting a bottel of this when I the ocean. I would recommend this product to others. Enjoy! If you want to check this product out online and get more info go to: . I was very lucky to try this new product via a testing program called Influenster...if you would like to join go to

VEET wax strips

Yes those are my legs and yes they look fabu because I waxed them! I use to be a die hard shave my legs kind of girl, but the universe spoke and thought it was time for a change.  In My Influenster Latina VoxBox I got a box of Veet Waxing Strips.  I have to admit I was nervous at first...I mean I still tear up when I go to the salon and get my eyebrows and I figured that I would embrassess my self in public if my first time getting my legs was would be at a waxing salon.  So my husband was gone for the weekend and I figure this would be a good of time if any.  It was super easy, you first take a strip and rub the strip in your hands to make it warm.  Then you peel the strip and place on the area you want to wax and pull of quickly.  I was a sight for sore eyes with my teeth clamped down and my eyes close, I was wanting for ultimate pain, but I was surpirze to find it was PAINLESS...What..LOL.  It also comes with a oil base "Perfect Finish Wipe" to remove any excess wax and I find it shines up your legs nicely.  I have Sensitive skin and it worked great for me since it's a sensitive formula.  It also has Almond Oil & Vitamin E in it which is a plus.  So the true test would come when my husband came home from his weekend trip...I asked him to rub my legs...He did..and he said " wow that's really smooth"...I smiled...mission waxed on Friday and Sunday night I was still smooth...with a razor I would have not have been so smooth...Woohoo! Want skily smooth legs...well what are you waiting out and get the Waxing...and put it to the test yourself...and here's an early "Your Welcome"...Cause I know you'll be thanking me later when your guy is loving your smooth legs;-)
I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes from Influenster . If you want more information on Veet Waxing Stripes go to

Bath & Body Works NEW & Improved Shower Gel

I was so lucky to get a bottel of Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea Shower Gel in my Latina VoxBox from Influenster.  I already am a Loyal Bath & Body Works Customer already so this was a real treat.  I love their products and they are priced reasonable for the quality that you get in their products.  My favorite is usually the Japanes Cherry Blossom, but recieveing The Sweet Pea Scent was a nice change. I like that it's has a light smell perfect for a summer or spring time scent. They also have other great scents to try..I recommed going into shop and testing out a few scents to see what scent fits you and don't be bashful either, in every Bath &Body Works store I've enter it's always been a wonderful experience. Their staff members are always at hand to help you find the products you need and they are very knowledgeable and happy to help.  Many of these products are enriched with Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, and Vitiam E, so it's so good for your skin. It lathers up really good in the shower and you don't have to use alot which makes the bottle last longer.  Usually I like buying gifts at Bath & Body Works, so I am thinking this new scent I've tryed will be very familiar to a few people around christmas time(wink..wink). So I would recommend giving it a try, I like it  and I think you would too. If you want to check them out yourself online go to I've received this product complimentary to test through Influenster’s VoxBox program and if you want to join Influenster don't forget to go to thanks Bath &Body Works and Influenster!   

My Latina Beauty VoxBox from Influenster

This is my Latina Beauty VoxBox from Influenster. I was so excited to hear that i was selected to recieve another box( since this site is becoming more and more popular, it's becoming a little harder to get selected...but I am super happy for a chance to try out these goodies).  Anywho...In my box I got a Full size box of Veet waxing strips, Always Radiant Pads, A super cute pouch with Always Radiant Tampons, A full size tube of NYC Lip Gloss, a samll bottel of Bath&Body Works Sweer Pea Shower Gel, and a small bottel of Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration sun lotion. I was super excited when I got this box since a lot of the products I got I was already interested in trying or I was already  using them.  The Most exciting product I got would have to be the Veet Waxing Strips.  I had never waxed my legs before and was a traditional razor girl when it came to my legs.  I had always wanted to try waxing my legs, but was too scared it would hurt and I would embrassess my self at a waxing salon for crying and screaming to now I get to try it at home where if needed I can punk out and cry in the comfort of my own home...Wish me luck...