Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OMG I am in Love

I am currently on a diet which suck, and it seems like every commerical with fastfood is calling out to me...ugh what's a girl to do. I have given up candy, cookies, chips, and every other yummy fatting desert out there and I am starting to get the shakes (surgar withdrawal).  One day I was watching tv(one of my many reality shows I'm addicted to Ha!) and I saw a commerical for FiberOne Brownie Bar.  They sold me when they said only 90 calories...yikes!!! could it be...will I be able to taste the heavens again of a yummy chocolate delight.  So I ran (really I did) and I grabbed a box of these and did a mad dash to the register(I think I was sweating at this point).  I raced back home at a legal driving speed I hope and ran inside my house to gobble down the goods (don't worry I controled my self to just one (on a side note: I think people who buy diet food and eat the whole box in one sitting are might as well eat the real thing  Well to my delight this was wonderful...I think the heavens opened up and angels flew around me.  It was sooooo freaking good, I am so in love...I think I will survive this diet now as long as I keep finding items like this...go out and get a box of FIBERONE BROWINES....sooo worth it!

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