Thursday, May 17, 2012

Who Likes Free samples!!!Check this out


I joined this program called Smiley360.  This site has tou join up and pick missions to try out new products.  To join is FREE!!!! The survays are to see if you qualify and they are really really short and right after you take the questionair they let you know if you are accepted for the mission.  So far I have gotten two boxes from them one from Arm&Hammer tooth paste (which gave me one full size tooth paste and 5 travel size toothpastes) and from Knorr ( with gave me a full size sample of chicken stock, large kitchen spoon, and lots of coupons).  All this was free and all you have to do is write a short review on Facebook and share it with your friens.  They also do it with Twitter as well.  I am currently waiting for my next box of  anti-aging cream from L'oreal and today I just got accepted for the Arm&Hammer Laundry pods.  If you hurry and sign up you might be able to get this mission before it fills up.  So enjoy this freebie and I will keep trying to post Freebies as i find out about them...Enjoy! So if you like free stuff go to:

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